Revealing Art Within

December 10, 2011

Whoever wants to know something about me
must observe carefully & try to see who I am.

Beyond the Kimono

On these pages, you will find my spirit of art. As part of my recent course-work and a big part of the learning, I kept an Art Journal (or Spirit Journal). I decided that as well as my traditional coil-bound journal, I would also like to try to have my art journey documented online. And this is it!

This Art Spirit space is about taking what is often something very private and putting it front & centre for exploration at every level. It is an exciting experience. And, in many ways, it is just another way of making art. I am now ready to invite you to take a look beyond the kimono.

I invite you to visit these pages where you will find a place of art. You will see some of my art pieces from the course. You will see some amazing art from generous & caring friends who encouraged me to enter the world of art. You will see works by artists who influenced me on my journey. You will see photos which are my art. The photos carry statements and images of my emotional place on this amazing journey.

I hope you find a way to look beyond the kimono in another way. Art Spirit is mostly the work of others with some of “things’ created during the course. Art Journey is my photo art with most of the images taken by me. There are a few images that come from a collection of stuff over a long period. These images have been around so long they feel like me but they are not mine. I like them and like to use them. That’s why I have included them in this art space.


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